Rae Marks



Rae Marks has been deeply rooted in music as long as this New England born and raised beauty started belting out show tunes into a vacuum cleaner hose. 

With the early support of Rae's family,Marks was studying music and training vocally by the age 14 resulting in her broad vocal range, stamina and power.  Marks pursued a career in music education and went on to graduate with a degree in Communications and Journalism, all the while continuing to pursue her passion for performing music, singing and songwriting.

She joined a regional country band and later moved to Texas in 2015 where she joined a classic rock band . Two years later with a serious itch to become a solo country artist, in 2017 she began paving her way by launching what turned into a successful Kickstarter campaign that fully funded her first solo project, a 6-song EP titled “Super Girl” produced and recorded in Nashville. Rae is presently finishing up a new album to be released later this year.  The first single “Own Kind of Sunshine” is scheduled to be released early summer 2020.

When asking Rae Marks about her priorities and musical desires, she is quick and certain to reply, “I’d like to leave my mark on this earth before Jesus swoops me up, to make people feel something with the songs I write and to make a living using the gifts God gave me.”  And if you really want to know her secret wish….. “to write, sing, and hang out with Miranda Lambert. OK…. just in case you asked…..lol”.

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